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We provide fast personal loans.

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We provide fast personal loans from $1,000 to $10,000 that can be repaid with regular monthly payments. For fast loans with affordable payments, call Eagle! You could be approved for a loan today!

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Fast Loans, Affordable Regular Payments.

Personal Loans

Loans for Auto Repair, Home Repair
Medical and Dental Bills, Vacations or whatever you need
Fast Loans, Affordable Regular Payments.

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We have 50 locations throughout Kentucky Ohio, Indiana, & Tennessee.


We have over 50 locations throughout Kentucky Ohio, Indiana, & Tennessee. To find your local Eagle office, visit our locations page.

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Personal Loans for Bad Credit

Personal Loans for Bad Credit

Establish or Re-Establish Credit
Previous Bankruptcy Welcome to Apply

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from $1,000 to $10,000

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For fast loans with affordable payments, call Eagle! You could be approved for a loan today!

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What our customers have to say about Eagle Finance.

  • I volunteer and offer financial counseling services through my church. Many of the individuals and families I advise have low credit scores, but are committed to rebuilding their credit. I have referred Eagle many of these families to help reestablish a good payment history. Eagle’s terms are consistent and fair and loan history is reported to the credit bureau. For these reasons, I trust Eagle as a good solution for many people looking to get their financial house back in order.

    Barbara B
    - Fairfield, OH
  • My oldest sister, Jenny, died unexpectedly last August. Jenny had no money when she passed. I wanted to give Jenny a proper burial, but I live on a fixed income. Arrangements had to be made and paid for now. Eagle gave us a loan, which allowed the family to say our goodbyes in a dignified manner. I will forever be grateful to Eagle, not just for the loan, but for the way they made me feel.

    - Dayton, OH
  • My husband Ernesto had back surgery 3 years ago. While the surgery was successful, the medical bills were more than we ever imagined. He was facing a potential wage garnishment when we called Eagle. Eagle not only gave us a loan, they helped us to negotiate a lower payoff with the hospital and consolidated all our remaining bills. Thank you Eagle!

    Julia & Ernesto
    - Lexington, KY
  • My daughter Brittney was starting college. While she received a partial scholarship and a student loan for the remaining expenses, we needed money now to buy her textbooks and get her settled in. Eagle was able to help us with a short term loan until Brittney’s student loan check arrived several weeks later.

    - Louisville, KY
  • I recently moved from Georgia to Kentucky for a new job. Between all the moving expenses and the security deposit on my apartment, I was completely tapped out for cash. When I had nowhere else to turn, Eagle gave me a loan the very same day I applied! I will always be grateful and have recommended Eagle to several co-workers and friends.

    Nikki B
    - Florence, KY
  • My extended family scheduled a large reunion in Gatlinburg this past Summer. I signed up to go when no sooner after I had some unexpected home repairs come up. I was about to cancel the trip, when a friend told me to call Eagle. Eagle gave me a $2,500 loan. I was able to repair my home AND take the trip. Boy, was I happy!

    - Indianapolis, IN
  • If you’ve never been in a position where you needed money quickly, congratulations. I used Eagle for a $2,800 loan to pay a property tax bill that was past due. It was my first year in the home and I incorrectly assumed taxes were being escrowed. Eagle was fast, professional, and is a great company to turn to if you need quick cash in a pinch.

    Sam M
    - Cleveland, OH
  • I work for a small family business and work was real slow. To make matters worse, my truck desperately needed 4 new tires. Going into winter, I had very few options. A friend told me about Eagle. I was able to get what I needed, and they even paid the tire shop directly.

    Wayne D
    - Toledo, OH